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#DesignOurTrophy Competition: the new Enterprise Hub trophy is revealed
01 Dec 2020

Hub Trophy

( L -the winning design from Manningtree High School in Lawford. R - 3D rendering of the new trophy)

We are thrilled to reveal the design of our new Enterprise Hub trophy, which will be awarded to our community of innovators who have graduated from our programmes. This year’s trophy design was selected from our #DesignOurTrophy competition for children across the UK. Schools were asked to submit designs that embodied the Academy’s new values and visual identity, unveiled earlier this year.

The #DesignOurTrophy competition was launched in October, challenging 11 to 16 year olds in STEM education schools across the UK to create a trophy that incorporated the Enterprise Hub’s values of creativity and innovation, whilst taking inspiration from our brand new logo. Prizes for the runner ups ranged from gift vouchers to 3D printer pens, and a desktop 3D printer and filament for the winning school. The winning entry’s design will also be brought to life as a 3D printed trophy.

The competition attracted over 30 entries from across the UK, impressively submitted as a variety of sketches and physical models, CAD designs and paintings. Ideas included technical drawings and featured insightful descriptions of inspiration, with concepts taken from the far-reaching corners of engineering disciplines, across the natural, the physical and the digital world. Materials were also taken into consideration, with suggestions including glass, seaweed, cork, sand, bamboo, and plastic. Design features ranged from wings, plinths, platforms and trees to cogs, stairs, crystals, and robots.

Our judging panel, which included Enterprise Fellowships alumnus Sheana Yu, selected the winning design from Manningtree High School in Lawford, which provided an insightful description of its inspiration, understanding of the brief and the physical limitations of 3D printing. We have thoroughly enjoyed transforming this design into a 3D rendering and cannot wait to share them with our Enterprise Hub graduates later this month. Honourable mentions include schools such as the Avon Valley School and Harris C of E Academy in Warwickshire, and Bourne Community College in West Sussex, who submitted a handful of excellent designs.

We want to thank everyone that took the time to enter their designs into our competition. It has been a joy to read and to see so many fantastic ideas come through from #DesignOurTrophy. Our only hope is that our final 3D printed model does justice to the winning entrant’s vision. #DesignOurTrophy will be a annual competition - so stay tuned next year!


iOS12 1 4关闭了你们都在什么系统 威锋 千万果粉 iOS12 1 4关闭了你们都在什么系统 威锋 千万果粉 ,Parallel Desktop 9 和 VMWare Fusion 6 的比较 威锋 Parallel Desktop 9 和 VMWare Fusion 6 的比较 威锋

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